Monday, March 20, 2006

Susan Sarandon to play Cindy Sheehan

Okay. So, via Drudge, I found this San Francisco Gate story that claims Cindy Sheehan is meeting with actress Susan Sarandon, who is set to play Sheehan in an upcoming movie about "America's most compelling anti-war activist." A couple things are a little off here.

Now, Sarandon doesn't exactly make me feel like I did when I first saw posters for Pretty Woman -- let's make sure we're clear on that count. But having her play Sheehan, to whom middle age, shall we say, has not exactly been kind? Isn't that like suggesting Christian Bale should play the title role in an upcoming biopic of my life?

Naturally, the answer lies in Sarandon's -- a.k.a. Mrs. Tim Robbins' -- personal politics, which are, of course, stridently anti-war. Fine. We'll suspend our disbelief, but barely.

But that plan is ruined anyway, because really, does anyone want to watch a movie about Cindy Sheehan? Maybe she's "America's most compelling anti-war activist," as the SFGate's Vicki Haddock breathlessly writes, but does that mean she's compelling enough to make a movie out of? Pity the writer who's tasked with making this scene "compelling:" Cindy goes to Crawford, Texas, doesn't get to meet the president, and sells approximately three copies of her book. I can definitely see myself in the theater -- fast asleep.

That Sheehan lost a son to the war is tragic, but by no means unique. And Susan should go back to getting people to sponsor impoverished children in Belize, or wherever -- she'd definitely convince me to chip in faster than Sally Struthers would.

(P.S.: AUUGGHH!!!)