Monday, March 06, 2006

Lucas kills movies, announces their death

Is it me, or does Matt Drudge -- the guy who first ran the Lewinskygate story after it was leaked to him by Newsweek editors -- seem overly preoccupied with entertainment news lately? On any given day, nearly half of his headlines seem to be celebrity gossip... someone claims Kate Moss apparently snorted cocaine minutes before meeting Nelson Mandela, I've just learned.

Anyway, I noticed this story -- George Lucas: Big pictures are doomed -- and followed it over to the New York Post. It seems that Mr. Star Wars, who's made nearly a billion dollars for himself off his sci-fi franchise, thinks that there is no market for big-budget pictures anymore. He cites fellow husky-jeans-wearer Peter Jackson's King Kong as an example.

Hey, George, here's an idea -- maybe if all those $200 million budgets could actually come up with a half decent movie we'd go and see them. This year's Oscars pretty much prove that good filmmaking doesn't have much to do with cramming as many happy, dancing robots as you can into a frame of celluloid.

If big-budget movies are doomed, Lucas would know, since he's helped to doom them.