Monday, March 13, 2006

Num-nums at the ball park!

Ever hear the legend of the "Luther-burger"? Apparently, Luther Vandross loved a certain sandwich -- a bacon cheeseburger with a "bun" made out of a sliced Krispy-Kreme doughnut.

Well, evidently the Gateway Grizzlies, a minor-league baseball team in the Frontier League, have decided that Americans are not dying from congestive heart failure quickly enough and have placed the Luther-burger on sale in their stadium, calling it "Baseball's Best Burger" and charging $4.50 a sandwich.

The sandwiches each contain about 1,000 calories, which means it's still a light-weight compared to Hardee's 2/3-pound Bacon Thickburger, which provides a grand total of 1,127 calories per burger, 720 of those from fat.

Chow down, sports fans.