Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer's here

I'm sitting in my room under a ceiling fan that's on full blast. It's 11:20 p.m., and I'm still sweating.

Earlier this week, my roommate and I found a notice on our garage. It seems the Vine Grove natives are unhappy with our rainforest project (they call it a "lawn," and they want it mowed). We've been working to fix that problem for the past few days, and with nearly two and a half acres of three-foot grass to take care of, it's taking us longer than we had expected.

I went out around noon today to do a segment, and after an hour I was drenched. I hate summer.

This, of course, is peanuts compared to the 100-plus degree weather my comrades are suffering through in the Sand Box. I can't imagine that's much fun. A year of constant heat, dust storms, and sniper fire.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I'll be shooting the Fort Knox ceremony. More later. I'll be here, sweating profusely.