Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was just reading through my first blog, which I started on LiveJournal August 11, 2003. I was a pretty major shitbag in Korea, but hey -- at that point, I was just a year into the Army and the idea of someday being finished with it was too far distant to be real.

Now I've got about 14 months left, and I've calmed down a lot. It's been good to be here at Fort Knox, where things are at least a bit more like normal life than they were in Uijeongbu. It's Sunday, which means the Simpsons are on. The episode is interspersed with advertisements for the upcoming finale of "American Idol," where the last two contestants will face off in a sword battle to the death, where the victor will decapitate the loser and absorb the power they've been amassing over the untold ages... wait, no... that's "Highlander." I always get those two mixed up.