Monday, October 03, 2005

Inspiration comes in small doses

I'm still feeling pretty unblogivated this morning, save for the spectacular choke on the part of the New England Patriots last night. San Diego stomped them good and hard during the 41-17 rout at Foxborough, and this may very well mean that the chickens are coming home to roost... between many crucial injuries and a pact with the devil that can only be finite, I'd say New England's in their 11th hour.

At least in football. When I left Lexington yesterday around 2, the Red Sox were leading the Yankees 1-0. I came through my door a couple hours later and found the score at 10-1, Sox. What the hell is going on?

Back to football, the team of scrappers I hired to cover for Pittsburgh's bye week in my fantasy league performed... well, variously. I wound up starting 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay, which turned out to be about as much of a mistake as hiring Daunte Culpepper. Sorry, Minnesota... looks like he's not back in action after all, huh? Nine sacks? That's a bad season for some people.

To Do:
- Finish transcribing the taped interview with the departing commanding general.
- Sort through terrible photos of Friday night's football game
- Sort through less-terrible photos of an invitational skeet-shoot held at French Shooting Club
- Come up with some copy for sports and lay out the paper's Leisure section for this week.

I'll get back to the blog when I can. Meanwhile, visit The Mudville Gazette or get some Red Meat.