Friday, September 30, 2005

There's too much going on, I give up

I don't really give up, but I'm at one of those points where picking a particular issue and writing about it intelligently seems like a very daunting task.

Besides, for every issue out there, there's a load of bloggers who've been on its tail from the beginning, sort of like Michelle Malkin and the Air America fiasco. Follow that link for a roundup of her coverage.

Many bloggers -- including ROFA Six -- have been following the developing story of the proposed "International Freedom Center" museum proposed for the 9/11 Ground Zero site. The plans for that have been scrapped thanks to New York Gov. George Pataki, and thank God... the last thing I would want to see at the 9/11 site would probably have to be photos of Lynndie England, who, aside from being a rather serious embarassment to America, is also one of the ugliest little trolls I've ever seen.

I'm in the Army -- so that's saying a lot.

Happier news can be found in the world of professional baseball, where the New York Yankees are preparing to cement their position as the leaders in the American Leage East after soundly walloping the Baltimore Orioles. They're one game ahead of the Boston Red Sox as they head into tonight's opening game of the series at Fenway.

Other things that have happened:

Judge John Roberts was sworn in as chief supreme court justice yesterday.

Some kid caught a really huge eel near Okinawa.

Former House majority leader Tom DeLay is apparently a dirty, rotten bastard.

As for me, I'll be talking with a battalion commander later this morning about a basic training unit here that has a 2 percent attrition rate -- far below the average. After that, it'll be a day of transcribing the tape recording I made of the interview I had yesterday with Fort Knox's departing commanding general, which went pretty well.

I've been boring this morning, so I'm sorry. Head over to Michael Yon's place for some exciting stuff.