Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Big Trouble in Little Arizona (Or, insert the name of your own southern border state)

Uh oh... this is bound to cause a real shit-storm: Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff doesn't care about Mexican people.

Wait, that's not exactly what he said. But that's what you'll be reading in the next 24 hours, I swear.

Basically, Chertoff's position (from a quick headline/blogwire parsing) is that we should deport all the illegal immigrants in the United States.

It's funny to watch how terminology changes, I might add. It looks like folks are really working hard to avoid the term "illegal immigrant." The preferred term, I'm gathering, is "undocumented worker."


UPDATE: It seems, after reading through Michelle Malkin's links, that Chertoff isn't actually after all illegal immigrants. Just the new "OTMs" caught at the border. Story is here.

UPDATE: Here's the Drudge story link, which apparently started much of the ruckus.