Thursday, June 09, 2005

Personal update, trial results

I wound up leaving the trial as they broke for lunch Tuesday, since we were on deadline and the only thing that had been accomplished was panel selection (in a court-martial, a panel of soldiers acts as the "jury," all must be of greater rank than the accused). The accused, a sergeant first class, pleaded not-guilty to two specifications of trainee abuse under Article 93, and one specification of obstuction of justice under Article 134.

I learned later that the accused, formerly a drill sergeant serving in Company E, 1st Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment, was sentenced by the panel to reduction in grade to staff sergeant (one stripe) and a letter of reprimand.

In other personal developments, I found out at the dentist's office today that I'm going to need to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and a cavity filled in the next little while. Here's hoping they're generous with the anaesthetics.

Plus, I've been pegged to stand in a battalion Noncommissioned Officer Induction ceremony next week. I'm going to be representing the Army from the World War I, and I picked up the solid-wool set today -- a jacket, "britches," two of the ugliest boots I've ever seen, a nearly-as-ugly overseas cap, and legging wraps.

Now, even though I'm sure all of the newly-pinned sergeants in LEC are just itching to attend this ceremony, I'm wondering if it was really necessary for the operations guys to see how many people's time they could squander.

Oh! Here's an email -- I swear I am not making this up, I just got it:

Due to a scheduling glitch, you need to turn your complete Period Uniform back in to SSG Stone at LEC by 1600 today. Sorry for the incontinence.
Words fail me.

Therefore, I think it would be appropriate to play this song, which warms my heart every time I hear it. And by "warms my heart," I mean, "makes me nauseous."