Saturday, June 18, 2005

How about a reality check for Dick Durbin

MyPetJawa has some material that might help put Sen. Dick Durbin's and Daily Kos' comments about torture at Guantanamo into perspective here. The images are graphic - you've been warned.

The comments flying around over Guantanamo Bay are getting out of hand, but Will Collier of
VodkaPundit has a good perspective on it:

Durbin and company aren't worked up over "torture," or even terrorism. They're just worked up over hating George Bush. So let them rant. All they're doing so far is revealing their own uselessness. They'll be rewarded for it again and again, every other November.
Well spake, Martini Man.

My own theory is that the people doing the most screaming about the issue are the ones who have most recently seen
"A Few Good Men" and want to play the Tom Cruise role in taking down the evil Col. Nathan Jessup - played by the inimicable Jack Nicholson.


UPDATE: Open Post at the Mudville Gazette.