Monday, June 27, 2005

Dark headlines at Army Times

The July 4 edition of ArmyTimes is on newsstands, and the tabloid-format has this as its cover art:

The captain watched his drill
sergeants rough up trainees.
Then he lied. Now he's...

I'm a bit miffed. The story is by ArmyTimes staffer Joseph Chenelly, and credits AP writer Dylan Lovan as a source. Chenelly was not present at the trial, and his story uses quotes from my account, and several paragraphs are pretty similar:

Turret version: "The video, shot with a hand-held personal camera, shows trainees arriving at Company E in a bus and what was referred to in testimony as a 'shark attack' by the company's drill sergeants.

"In the shaky video, trainees are rushed into formation outside the company barracks as drill sergeants scream at them, sometimes with two or more NCOs only inches from a trainee's face. Witnesses said that the 'shark attack' went on for about an hour before the trainees were moved inside the barracks."

ArmyTimes version: "The shaky footage showed the drill sergeants on Feb. 3 first receiving the recruits. The tape had been shot by a sergeant using his personal camera. Prosecutors identified Fulton as a person seen standing near the sergeants during a 'shark attack' -- a chaotic period in which drill sergeants swarm the recruits and scream at them."

Nah, it's not exactly plagiarism or anything. But it would have been nice to get a nod. Oh well. "Rich and/or famous" BroGonzo may not materialize for a while yet.