Saturday, December 31, 2005

Getting ready to head back

My leave is up tomorrow (New Year's Day, the bastards), and I'll be flying back to Louisville in the afternoon. Since I had to switch rooms at the last minute before departing for New York two weeks ago, all my stuff is in hideous disarray, and the Innernet People say they don't schedule hook-up appointments for 2006 yet. So it might be a little while before I'm back around online.

Leave has been good, save for one or two ugly scenes that happened downtown (only partially my fault in any single case). But to spare the reputations of everyone involved, I'd rather skip the descriptions and just point out that sometimes it's good to get away from a certain area -- it gives the bouncers time to forget whatever stunts you may or may not have pulled after they let you in.

Anyway, happy New Year to everyone who stops by here. Mine will be fairly quiet -- I'm driving BroAnimal down to the Poconos in a couple minutes and will get to say hello to a few old friends from university. But I'll be turning around right after that to come home for a low-key fondue & champagne New Year's eve event, and we might wander downtown and watch the Cortland New Year's Ball drop the three stories down from the clocktower on Main Street.

And that's it from my end. Thank God this rotten year is over.