Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Apologies, references

Sorry for that last overly-maudlin, self-indulgent post. I had just watched the Steelers lose at the last second of what turned out to be a non-regulation game -- 52 extra seconds were "accidentally" added to the clock.

It only goes to prove that Tom Brady does indeed work for the devil. Think of him as Damien from the Omen; Bill Belichick would be the evil raven that leads him around -- the one that pecks the woman's eyes out and gets her thrown in front of a Mack truck.

Anyway, my old first-line, Sgt. Salemonz, has arrived in the sandbox and is surprised to have found a Starbucks there.

Also, ArmyAdvice.org has upgraded. They've got sections for blogs, photos, and a lot more... check 'em out.

And it looks like Mustang23 of Assumption of Command is finally coming home.