Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More awards precede a crazy weekend

I'm taking a quick break to allow my feast of two microwave burritos to cool down. I feel like a bit of an asshat posting this, but this is my blog, damn it, so I'm going to.

Friday, I went with the staff to the Landmark Community Newspapers, Incorporated annual conference and awards luncheon... and came home with a second place finish in news writing and an honorable mention for sports commentary.

But before I came home, we celebrated by spending the afternoon, evening, night, and wee hours of the morning on the town. The effects of this lasted through the rest of the weekend, but I did manage to pick up some furniture for my new digs off post. Up till now, it's been a pretty tribal affair -- and it gets cold at night, but the guy who owns the house (Numb-Nuts, which is strange) wouldn't let me light a fire in the deep-pile shag carpet.

But things are better now, and I'm still rolling along as the acting associate editor for the paper, awaiting the return of our injured civilian who will take on those responsibilities once she's fully recuperated.

For now, peace out. The burritos are ready.