Saturday, January 14, 2006

A request to Massachusetts residents

Please get rid of Senator Edward Kennedy, unless you insist on keeping that huge-headed alcoholic clown around for laughs. He asked Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito about his membership in a club that later published an essay titled "In Defense of Elitism" (which turned out to be a satire, apparently unbeknownst to Kennedy), and has intimated that Alito is a "bigot." It seems the good senator would like to paint Alito as a woman-hater.

Funny, right? Especially coming from the guy who drowned one in a car, and didn't get around to notifying the authorities until almost a full day had gone by.

So yeah, it's time for Kennedy to leave. Could the eight of you who still take him seriously please quit doing that and help the rest of us send Old Ted to the Great Rehab Center in the Sky?