Thursday, August 11, 2005

Army Photoblogging

While I'm admittedly a Class-A pogue at the moment, there are definitely times where I get to go out and take pictures that are very Army. Here are a couple I did this past week:

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These guys are lieutenants taking a dinner break during the final FTX (field training exercise) for the Armor Officers' Basic Course. I liked the sign in the foreground, because it's evocative of a personal rule I have: if there are tanks rolling around doing stuff, move in the opposite direction.

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This soldier is working on a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on a Humvee. I'm pretty sure he's probably cleaning it out, since Checkpoint 37 isn't an actual range.

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Tanks, as invincible as they look, do break. I've heard it said that some folks have had more reliable Fiats. Anyway, this mechanic was giving directions to the driver of the M88 engineer vehicle (on the right) so he and his buddies could get at a broken piece of some kind in the tracks. Also, another rule is that tank repair must take place in about two and a half feet of mud.