Friday, July 15, 2005

"Live 8 was an insult to Africans"

Someone in Africa thinks the same way I do about the contribution Sir Bob Geldof and company made with Live 8.

Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme writes for the Cameroonian Le Messenger, reprinted by the New York Times, that Africa doesn't need debt relief or food aid, it needs revolution:

Don't insult Africa, this continent so rich yet so badly led. Instead, insult its leaders, who have ruined everything. Our anger is all the greater because despite all the presidents for life, despite all the evidence of genocide, we didn't hear anyone at Live 8 raise a cry for democracy in Africa.
But the truth is that it was not for us, for Africa, that the musicians at Live 8 were singing; it was to amuse the crowds and to clear their own consciences, and whether they realized it or not, to reinforce dictatorships. They still believe us to be like children that they must save, as if we don't realize ourselves what the source of our problems is.
Strong words, and as great a song as "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is, I'd say Mr. Bono should probably consider Tonme's perspective.


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