Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What's the frequency now, Kenneth?

I know I'm late in posting about Dan Rather's step-down as CBS' anchor, but, well, Dan Rather has stepped down as CBS' anchor.

Anyone else not sorry to see the guy leave?

Of course, he's just one example of how broadcast journalists are more apt to be, in the words of Jon Stewart, "partisan hacks" than searchers-of-the-truth.

In other news, I got a press release on the FAX yesterday from C I Host, the guys who brought us the "human billboard" - a dude who agreed to tattoo the company's logo on his shaved head - a year or so ago.

Now, the company is putting a call out to anyone - player or fan - who threw a punch captured on camera during the Pistons / Pacers brawl last weekend. They're going to pay the first person who comes forward $10,000 to tattoo the company logo on their fist.

My editor handed me the FAX and said, "Look at this. They're putting a bounty on stupidity now."