Monday, November 15, 2004

SecState Colin Powell, three others leave cabinet

This made my ears prick up this morning at work: Powell and Three Others to Leave Cabinet (Associated Press). I understand this is a normal, expected part of the transition into a new term, but I'm sure conspiracy theories have already begun to crop up.

Powell's had a rough go through this war since its onset, at least according to Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack:

At times, with his closest friends, Powell was semidespondent. His president and his country were headed for a war that he thought might just be avoided, though he himself would not walk away... Powell wouldn't leave the president at the crossroads. He would do so only if he thought all the arguments for war were 100 percent wrong. And they weren't. He wanted the bastard [Saddam Hussein] gone as much as anyone....

He had not underestimated the extent to which the president had decided that letting the bastard remain was no longer an option. But he probably had underestimated his own usefulness to a president and vice president determined on war. (P. 272-273)

The others leaving the Bush cabinet are Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Education Secretary Rod Paige and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, says AP.

It should be noted that Powell had intimated early on that he hadn't planned on serving for more than one term, and his resignation isn't really a huge surprise, although I would be a bit confused if he were to vacate before the scheduled Iraqi elections.

I'm not particularly happy to see the man go, to say the least. He's been the Superego to Rumsfeld's Id.